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 How do I send my products to froogle?
Solution Please note: This feature needs to be set up on your store before you can use the following instructions. If you would like to add this feature to your store, fill out a request on our help desk at http://support.duvys.com

Instructions for uploading your products to Froogle:

1. Log in to the admin area of your website.
2. Under your store's utilities section* click on "Fast Data Feed".
3. On the right hand screen, scroll down and click on the "Create Data Feed" button.
The results page will have a link to your new data feed.
4. Right click on the link and click "Save Target As" to save this file to your computer.

You now need to upload your data file to froogle. This can be done in one of 2 ways.

A. Sending Your File Using a Web Browser

Recent versions of Internet Explorer allow you to upload files by FTP relatively easily. You may need to upgrade your browser to the most recent version available.

To upload via FTP within your browser, go to ftp://hedwig.google.com. You will be prompted to enter your Froogle account username and password.

Enter this information and select 'Log On'. You will probably see a blank window, however, you will be connected to the FTP server. Now simply drag and drop your Froogle formatted data feed into the browser window, and wait for the file to transfer. Once you have sent your file, the icon for the file will appear in the Internet Explorer window. The file is now uploaded to Froogle.

B. Sending Your File Using an FTP Program:
To configure the FTP program

1. Click New.
2. Type in the following settings to create a Froogle entry:
• Host name: hedwig.google.com
• Username: your username (Listed in the email that Froogle sent you)
• Password: your password (Listed in the email that Froogle sent you)
3. Now click Save. (You may want to use Froogle as the Profile Name.)
4. After you’ve set up your Froogle setting, click OK.
5. Using the arrows on the left side in the FTP program, find the directory on your hard drive that contains your data feed file that you just saved.
6. Highlight the name of your data feed file and click on the right-pointing arrow to send the file to Froogle’s servers.

It is important that the file is named [your username].txt

You can send new data feed files daily, weekly, or monthly. Your products will automatically expire on Froogle after one month, so you must upload a new feed at least once a month.
*To get to your store's utility section,

* click on the arrow next to store,
* click on the arrow next to your store name,
* click on ther arrow next to utilities.

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